Finally, website terms and policies that don't suck

Visualized legal documents for a faster launch and easier comprehension
What is RockTerms

What is RockTerms?

RockTerms is a tool that helps you build website legal documents with icons and without the legal jargon.

Stand out in the crowd

Each website needs terms and policies. Blow your users away with the unexpected detail of fantastic terms sheets.

Show that you care

Earn your users’ trust and show that you care – the policies are in place to help them, not push through loopholes.

Launch faster

The drag-and-drop builder lets you create up to 50% shorter documents.

See for yourself

Without RockTerms

Example without RockTerms

With RockTerms



Create your own document from scratch, or start with a stunning template to wow your users

Multiple languages

Easily add additional languages with 50% fewer words

Dashboard overview

See all of your legal documents in one place, view changes, add languages, and send users policy updates

Team collaboration

Discuss, comment, and improve documents with your team and view a full audit log of changes

Visual customization

Add your company branding and choose your own icons, while remaining legally compliant

No-code embedding

Implement mindblowing legal docs without additional resources - you don't need a designer, nor a programmer

Say goodbye to clumsy legal docs

And say hello to stunning visuals that make jaws drop. When the details matter, you can leave an unforgettable impression and make your life easier with embeddable and constructible legal documents.

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